Heavy machinery transport

Heavy machinery transport is in a league of its own and is becoming increasingly more in demand on account of large construction projects and the ever-growing technical components on heavy machinery. M. Bakker Transport in the Netherlands is a company which specializes in heavy machinery transport and possess both the skill and the equipment to take on transporting jobs of some of the biggest and heaviest machines that the construction and agricultural business has to offer.

The increasing demand for heavy machinery transport

As said before, the demand for heavy machinery transport is growing because of an increase in both the amount of construction projects in recent years, as well as a higher level of technology in heavy machines. This means it is more beneficial to transport an existing piece of equipment to a new site, rather than building a whole new machine. M. Bakkers Transport can help your company in moving even the largest equipment from one site to the next throughout the whole of Europe. Their fleet which consists out of 19 vehicles including tractors, trucks and several rigs is fully equipped to transport your heavy equipment in the safest and most professional way possible. If you wish to inquire about the heavy machinery transport services of M. Bakkers Transport, please call +31 (0)497-64 21 86 for more information.