Car transporters

M. Bakkers Transport is a company that has made quite the name for itself as car transporters and several other heavy equipment and agricultural machinery transport services. They have built up a fleet of highly specialized trucks with which they are capable of transporting nearly everything to even the most remote corners, both domestic and across the border. As car transporters, we have 6 open combination trucks available, each of them can hold several cars, with special equipment on board to guarantee a safe transport of cars. These trucks can move all kinds of cars and are subjugated to the highest quality and safety measures.

Car transporters since 1996

Over two decades ago Marc Bakkers started the company with one tractor which he used to transport goods for supply offices throughout the Netherlands. This turned out to be a successful venture and in the years that followed M. Bakker Transport started to expand its services to the transporting of heavy machinery and we became renowned car transporters in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. If you are interested in hiring M. Bakker Transport as a car transporter or if you wish to use any of the other transporting services, please contact M. Bakker Transport on +31 (0)497-64 21 86. You can also call for more information or if you wish to inquire about prices.