Forklift movers

For over a decade, the professionals of M. Bakkers Transport have developed into specialists as forklift movers and in transporting other heavy machinery across Europe. Forklifts are considered to be the workhorses of many companies in the transport and storage business. They are designed to transport either raw materials or goods as efficiently as possible. Every now and then a company switches locations or starts up a new warehouse which means that forklifts will need to be moved to this new location. As forklift movers, M. Bakkers Transport has a specialized semi-flatbed truck which is being used for the safe and professional transport of forklifts. M. Bakkers Transport offers its services as forklift movers both nationally in the Netherlands as internationally throughout the rest of Europe.

The benefits of M. Bakker as forklift movers

Transporting forklifts can be a little bit more challenging than moving regular cars for instance. First of all, most heavy duty forklifts weigh approximately twice as much as a standard car. This is because a forklift will need counterbalance while lifting heavy goods or materials. This requires a special treatment that only professional forklift movers can offer. Among the benefits of using M. Bakkers Transport as forklift movers are:

  • Safe loading and unloading of heavy forklifts;
  • Proper equipment for securing forklifts during transport;
  • Preparing the fuel system (petrol, gas or battery powered) for transport.

All of these services will naturally be accompanied by an excellent communication about the whereabouts of your equipment. For more information about M. Bakker Transport and the forklift movers services, please contact us at +31 (0)497-64 21 86.