Oversize transport

An oversize transport requires a specialized company such as M. Bakkers Transport. Our company, which is based in the Netherlands has the equipment to safely and professionally transport oversized loads to their destination. Oversize transport is a business which is in a class of its own because the load exceeds size and/or weight limits for ordinary transport. In some countries in Europe oversize transport has to be accompanied by pilot cars that clear the way and warn the rest of the traffic in order to prevent accidents. Oversize transport is therefore a hazardous undertaking which is best left to professional companies such as M. Bakkers Transport. Their specialized equipment is able to safely transport all but the biggest equipment across Europe.

M. Bakkers Transport oversize transport services

The oversize transport services of M. Bakkers Transport consist of high quality trucks and rigs and the utmost attention to detail when it comes to securing an oversized load. Professional and experienced drivers will make sure that your cargo will be delivered on time at the location of your choosing. If you wish to contact M. Bakkers Transport about oversize transport, or if you’re interested in any of the other services of the company, please contact (0)497-64 21 86 for more information about prices or any other questions you might have.